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Back in Bravo’s new scripted drama Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Lisa Edelstein’s personality, Abby, is a writer who’s consistently made a living off of providing women advice on how best to get a life as perfect as she will " until she gets divorced. Afterward, she’s thrown unceremoniously back into the dating pool, where she discovers no lack of other men ready to treat her better than Jake, her ex-husband. Warren Christie plays Girlfriends’ Guide adorable guy and Abby’s hookup Will (who is almost always hot) now she’s left her husband.

Because you can see from the trailer, Edelstein correctly captures Abby’s complete befuddlement at the notion of dating, let alone rebounding with a younger guy who’s that great looking. I mean, she’d be crazy not to reentering the dating world is mad enough without doing it into her mid-40s and unexpectedly finding herself that the older woman. And while she’s ‘ll probably work her way through a few love interests through the series, because it wouldn’t be much of a narrative is after getting divorced she instantly reentered into another long-term relationship, for now she’ll be shepherded by Christie’s Will.

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But overlook ‘t blame yourself whether you had no concept that Christie was likely to maintain Girlfriend’s Guide " not IMDB had it correct! Although that he ‘s worked quite a bit, especially on Canadian shows, he’s yet to get a massive breakout in the US. However he’s functioned in lots of TV, so perhaps this rundown of his own restart will help jog your memory.

Christie is probably best known for his starring role on SyFy’s superhero play Alphas. He plays with Cameron Hicks, who may be emotionally guarded, but whose superpower gives his body the capability to attain anything in his head ‘s eye, so he never misses a shot or gets a mistaken reflex. Yep, his superpower is basically being completely perfect.

A Canadian drama which airs on ABC during the summers, Motive is taking on the Columbo legacy by building a procedural cop series backwards, by revealing the victim and the recommended you read way they were murdered at the onset of every incident, then watching because the detectives, headed by Christie since Sgt. Mark Cross, determine exactly what occurred.

It’s all about a widow and widower who fall in love after losing their individual spouses. It’s kind of like a Nicholas Sparks carry on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Possibly The Color of Rain is a good omen for Girlfriends’ Guide ‘s prospective ratings.

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